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Somewhere in Baltimore – Whole Album CD


Richard Gsottschneider is a folk/Americana artist based in New Hampshire. This cd, “Somewhere in Baltimore” is his third, and is exceptionally strong and well crafted according to Joseph Italiano from Skope Magazine who recently reviewed the album. Richard wrote all of the songs on this album and plays guitar and sings. He also brings in a number of outstanding special guests who also sing and play piano, banjo, fiddle and harmonica. The result is a mix of folk, with a strong influence of roots, Cajun, blues and country music. Richards prior musical projects have done exceptionally well in both the US and the European market, where folk, roots and Americana music is especially appreciated. The producer of this album, Brett Hartenbach, is also the lead guitarist for Robert Johnston.

Press Release: This is the third album of New Hampshire based Richard Gsottschneider and certainly his finest work to date. All of the songs were written by Richard and they tell stories that are vivid and will take you from the bayous of Louisiana to the inner city streets of Baltimore. His life working as everything from a logger, to a sheep farmer to a businessman seem to have given him a unique perspective on life that is reflected in his music. If you like folk music which is heavily influenced by Americana, Cajun and Country music, you will love this cd. (